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About us
For over a decade Ricasoli Group has specialised in planning and organising business trips and tailor-made services worldwide. Our goal is to constantly evolve and improve our services, so that we may continue to exceed the expectations of our clients and maintain our position as the premier choice in the market.
Our Foundations
Founded with a mission to offer expert communication and brand management solutions, Ricasoli is led by a skilled founder and a dedicated team who approach challenges with a commitment to excellence and a problem-solving mindset.
Ricasoli Consulting
Innovative solutions for top fashion and hospitality companies. Expert team delivers successful events and communication strategies with a personal touch from their own media house production, building a reputation for excellence.
Healthcare Focused
Ricasoli Consulting specializes in communication and brand management for large hospital groups and private clinics. Applying successful fashion industry strategies, they aim to transform healthcare communication to be innovative and appealing.
Ricasoli Concierge
Ricasoli created a new business division "Ricasoli Concierge" to simplify complex travel arrangements and logistical support for demanding clients, removing worries and stress caused by mismanagement.
The establishment of Ricasoli Group
The Ricasoli Group offers solutions for logistics and brand image services, born from the synergy between Ricasoli Consulting and Concierge with tailor-made communication projects and logistics solutions.
Progress Update
Ricasoli Group continues to grow and has started to provide comprehensive support for companies at international events, earning recognition from blue-chip companies and governments. Its successful events bring visibility to the agency.
A Global pandemic COVID-19
Ricasoli Group, based in Italy and serving healthcare clients since 2016, actively supported private clinics and hospital groups during the Covid-19 pandemic managing communication and providing logistical support for hospitals fighting against the virus.
Expanding Globally
Ricasoli Group has transformed into a multinational organization boasting a network of reliable international partner focused on providing comprehensive business travel and communication solutions to corporations and governmental organizations.
Market leader
Our company has just been recognized as a market leader for delivering exceptional results to our clients. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, thanks to our clients for entrusting us with your challenges and allowing us to drive your success.
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Our values
Ricasoli Group acts in compliance with the highest ethical standards, to achieve the best results and to guarantee high privacy standard.
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